We know that individuals are exactly that – individual. We Offer a diverse range of targeted ingredients to enhance different areas of your wellbeing: from Nature’s Nutrition 50 organic superfood blends and Kiddies superfoods drink mixes, to Beauty Gen® products with proven benefits for hair, skin and nails and Remedy Greens blends that have been clinically formulated to target specific ailments.

We also offer Moducare®, which has been transforming lives for over 20 years through its scientifically proven ability to balance the immune system.

With our stress and illness levels at an all-time high, honest, well-formulated health supplements have never been more important. The wellbeing of your body is In your control and it’s worth prioritising daily. After all, it’s the only place you have to live.

Elixir Health Launch  Specials

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Beauty Gen® Collagen Range

At Beauty Gen®, we believe true beauty comes from within. Our high quality collagen peptides and supporting ingredients have been scientifically proven to enhance your skin, hair, joints, bones and muscles from the inside out. Available in pure Naked Collagen® form or 5-in-1 Beauty Greens®, our great-tasting collagen range will make enhancing your beauty and wellbeing an easy daily practice.

Nature’s Nutrition® Superfoods

We’ve gathered the highest quality ingredients worldwide – so you don’t have to. Our superfood blends of USDA organic superfoods extracts have been handpicked by nutritional experts to improve your health. Enjoy a daily drink of concentrated phytonutrients in convenient powder form, specially designed to help you follow a healthier and more plant-based diet.

Remedy Greens®

Remedy Greens® is your strategy for targeted healing – backed by science and powered by nature. Our natural blends combine the highest quality ingredients worldwide in ratios proven to restore health. Each pioneering formula supports overall wellbeing, while defending the body against specific ailments. Cutting edge research sets Remedy Greens® apart as your alternative natural treatment for chronic disease.


Moducare® is an internationally recognised clinically proven daily immune support supplement. This tried and tested blend of phytonutrients has been helping to modulate immune systems and manage chronic inflammation for over 20 years. Plant sterols and sterolins in the clinically proven ratio of 100:1 support weakened immune systems and regulate the overactive immune responses present in autoimmune conditions. The patented Moducare® formula will help protect the body from degenerative signs of ageing as well as a broad spectrum of chronic disease.